Are you familiar with the question: "Do you have a wine which tastes like ...?"

The search for the right wine is not an easy task because e.g. "earthy" and "fruity" can have a total different meaning to people. For this question offers an elegant solution. is an easy to use Webapplication to characterize your favorite wines. It will offer a specific suggestion because every user makes the software learn more.The user can participate just like that without having to register or logging in. He just needs to drag and drop some taste symbols like "plum", "elder" etc.

Now we are looking for wine shops and merchants who whish to profit from is a free trial period of three months after which you can decide if you like to continue. After the trial period we charge you 90 USD per month. There are no additional costs.

The offer looks like this:

We create a subdomain on our server for you:


You can customize the site with your own logo (see example image below).
Try out our example shop:

Additional there is an easy to use administration website where you can add and edit your wine list. Now visitors of your web shop can easily define their taste profile and they will receive only wines available in your shop (with direct links to your shop). With you will get an additional sales advisor online.

To activate the service or if you have further questions just send us an email at

Best Regards
Simon Boerlin